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Our Programs

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Program runs 5 days a week: Monday – Friday and requires a 10 months program commitment.

Saturday morning special training with matches.

There are two full-time options, one that includes a morning session and one that is afternoon.


- till 10am | studying

- 10-12pm | warm-up & small group, individualized drilling/point play

- 12-2:30pm | lunch & rest

- 2:30-4:30pm | on-court training, match play

- 4:30-6pm | Physical Conditioning & Athletic Development  (Monday+Tuesday, Thursday)

- the other days (Wednesday and Friday) from 4:30 studying


- 2:30-4:30pm | On-court training 

- 4:30-6pm | Physical Conditioning & Athletic Development  (Monday, Tuesday, thursday)


R6 000 per month (morning and afternoon)

R4 000 per month (Afternoon)


* in the morning private or semiprivate lessons
* Coaching supervision during tournament (on request)
* Tournament scheduling (with coach, player and parents)
* FREE registration to all TWT tournaments



The Afternoon Academy is geared towards 18-and-under players who are committed to an intensive training program, but are limited due to school schedules. This program is designed for players wanting to develop the fundamentals needed to become world-class junior players, and ultimately college or professional players. 

The Afternoon Academy’s main focus is directed towards movement and competition, including technical and tactical elements.


- 4 times per month:  R1 000 per month

- 8 times per month: R2 000 per month

- 20 times per month: R4 000 per month

* session price = R250 (2 hours tennis)

* session (2 hours) and from 4:30 to 6:30pm from Monday to Friday


* Coaching supervision during tournament (on request)
* Tournament scheduling (with coach, player and parents)

* Private lessons available before and after training: R350 per hour

Adult Program

Are you a serious adult player? Are you prepared for intensity, and eager to train hard? The Tennis World Academy loves to train adult players who want to improve their tennis level.

No matter what standard you play at, there’s always room to improve your technique, fitness and understanding of the game. Our group tennis classes are a fun way to learn from qualified tennis coaches and test your new skills against a diverse mix of fellow tennis enthusiasts in CCT competitions, social tennis or recreational play with friends.

We know life gets busy, so we don’t tie you into expensive programs with a fixed number of classes on a strict schedule. Our flexible class structure means you only pay for the classes you choose, on the days that work best for you.

Classes cater for each level, from beginner to advanced. Simply choose the one that best fits with your skill level and lifestyle and book to play.


60 minute class with 4 students

- 1 time per week: R600 per month

- 2 times per week: R1 100 per month


On-on-One private lesson with the coach is a fast way to improve your tennis.
R400 per hour


The foundation for working on stroke technique begins at this stage. Technical tennis-specific terms, however, are not used with the students at this time. Instead, they are given clear, simple commands to avoid confusion and frustration. The key at this level is to encourage fun engagement, with the goal of getting the youngsters to want to come back for more. They play start playing with orange balls.

  • 1 session per week: R600 per month

  • 2 sessions per week: R1 100 per month


** One session is 1 hour tennis.



** Coppini Tennis Academy’s peculiarity is the organization in smaller teams: some coaches work only for the high-level program, while others for the competitive program.

** Coppini World Academy collaborates with Tennis World Foundation.For “Full Time” and “Part Time” training we have special agreement for Black and Chinese players.

** The Payments must be made in the beginning of the month 

** We will follow the school calendar.
For “full time” and “afternoon academy” we could organize differently.

** 10% discount if you take (and pay) 3 months in advance

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